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Arthritis Types
Living with Arthritis
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Arthritis Types

Living with Arthritis




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By Kevin K. Anbari, MD, MBA
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Hip Replacement Surgery Video

Anterior hip replacement is an example of how the medical field is continually evolving and trying to improve outcomes for patients. This surgery is the subject of ongoing research and—though thousands are performed every year—it is estimated that only 15% to 20% of hip replacement surgeries in the United States currently use the anterior approach.

In the meantime, patients and doctors must use the knowledge available to make informed choices. The bullet points below summarize much of what we know about the pros and cons of anterior hip replacement surgery.

Proponents of anterior hip replacement surgery believe it offers several advantages, including:

Less damage to major muscles. The anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles. There are fewer muscles at the front of the hip, and the surgeon works between them, rather than cutting through muscle fibers or detaching muscles from bones (and then having to make repairs at the end of the surgery).

Less damage to major muscles.

Less post-operative pain. Because the surgery does not require cutting major muscles, patients typically experience less pain after surgery and require less pain medication.

Less post-operative pain.

Faster recovery. After surgery, a patient can bend at the hip and bear weight as soon as it is comfortable. Most anterior hip replacement patients can use crutches or a walker sooner than patients who have had a traditional surgery. Patients may also walk on their own sooner: A 2014 study of 54 patients found that anterior hip replacement patients walked unaided 6 days earlier than other hip replacement patients. 3

Faster recovery.

Decreased risk of hip dislocation. A major post-surgical worry for most hip replacement patients is that the new hip’s ball and socket will dislocate. However, anterior hip replacement surgery does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue structures that naturally prevent the hip from dislocating, therefore anterior surgical patients are less likely to suffer a hip dislocation.

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| For US Healthcare Professionals

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Facts moms and teens should know.

Meningococcal group B disease (also known as meningitis B) is an uncommon but serious disease that is caused by a bacterial infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. It can also cause a severe infection of the blood called meningococcal septicemia.

Meningitis B strikes and progresses quickly – sometimes without warning – and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. Some survivors will have long-term physical and cognitive disabilities, including brain damage, hearing loss and loss of limbs.

The bacteria that cause meningitis B live within the nose and throat and can be spread through close contact such as coughing, kissing or sneezing.

Certain everyday behaviors can increase the risk of getting meningitis B, particularly for teens and young adults, including:

Living in close quarters

Sharing drinks and eating utensils

Coughing and sneezing


*In rare cases, the bacteria can invade the body and lead to meningococcal disease.

Initial symptoms may be mild, which is why people might confuse the early signs with the flu or a cold. However, symptoms can progress rapidly and can lead to death, sometimes within 24 hours.

Symptoms may include:

Sudden fever


Stiff neck

Additional symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity of the eyes to light, confusion, and a rash (typically dark purple spots on the torso, arms, or legs).

If you are experiencing these symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone who has meningitis, please contact your healthcare professional immediately.

Meningitis B is unpredictable. Individual cases happen from time to time across the country, mostly in (but not limited to) high school, college, and military barracks settings. Occasionally, outbreaks do occur.

From January 2015 to November 2016, there were 18 cases, including one death, of meningitis B at colleges or universities in the following states: Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

Moms are getting the word out against meningitis B. Teens are getting BEXSERO.

Ask your teen's healthcare professional if vaccination with BEXSERO is right for them.


Important Safety Information About BEXSERO Important Safety Information About BEXSERO

You are encouraged to report vaccine adverse events to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Visit Womens A Stud Earring Bianca Pratt Cheap Sale Latest Many Kinds Of Cheap Footaction 3PNSSuwRv6
to file a report, or call 1-800-822-7967 .

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El peligro de abusar de los antibióticos


Los antibióticos son muy utilizados, pero tomarlos cuando no debemos conlleva graves riesgos para el futuro.

Sara Menéndez Espina

Los antibióticos son medicamentos cuya función consiste en combatir infecciones bacterianas, es decir, aquellas producidas por un tipo de bacteria. El antibiótico puede destruir la bacteria (bacteriostático) o evitar que esta se reproduzca (bactericida), pero sea cual sea su mecanismo de acción, lo que hace es ayudar al sistema inmunitario hasta que este ya tiene capacidad para combatir por sí solo la infección.

Las bacterias son capaces de desarrollar resistencia a los antibióticos

Las bacterias son microorganismos unicelulares, esto quiere decir que son compuestas por una sola célula, por ello son imperceptibles al ojo humano. Para concretar más en los mecanismos de acción de los antibióticos, la forma que tienen de acabar con las bacterias es destruyendo la membrana que las rodea y provocando, por tanto que exploten. Esto es lo que hace, por ejemplo, la penicilina, el antibiótico más conocido. También pueden interferir en la síntesis de proteínas de la célula, provocando que el organismo no funcione correctamente y muera , y, por último, para evitar que se multipliquen, hay antibióticos que evitan que se replique el ARN y ADN de la misma, es decir, su material genético, y esto imposibilita su reproducción.

La toma incorrecta de antibióticos

Los antibióticos sólo se pueden adquirir con receta médica, y la causa es que no abusemos de ellos o los tomemos en situaciones en las que no tenemos una infección bacteriana. Por tanto, para saber si se trata de ese tipo de enfermedad, lo que debeos hacer es acudir al médico ante cualquier sospecha , para que adapte el tratamiento a nuestra dolencia.

Es importante tener presente que los antibióticos no combaten los virus. Los virus son agentes infecciosos con una naturaleza, morfología y funcionamiento distinto al de las bacterias , por tanto, los mecanismos de acción de los antibióticos no tendrán nada que hacer contra este tipo de organismos. La sensación de mejora que se da tras la ingesta de antibióticos cuando tenemos un virus se debe o al efecto placebo o a que ha sido el propio cuerpo quien ha atacado al virus, cosa que hubiera ocurrido aun sin haber ingerido el fármaco.

Otra manera de tomar incorrectamente un antibiótico es no seguir el tratamiento como nos ha indicado nuestro médico o las instrucciones del medicamento. Generalmente, las cajas de antibióticos contienen todas las cápsulas necesarias para seguir un tratamiento completo. Sin embargo, muchas personas dejan de tomarlo cuando ya se encuentran bien , o lo hacen para guardar cápsulas para cuando se vuelvan a encontrar mal. Esto es un error fatal, si no terminamos de tomar todas las cápsulas, aun encontrándonos bien, no se producirá una acción completa y exitosa contra las bacterias, y estas pueden volver a infectarnos al poco tiempo de haber "sanado".